Michael Krenn aka DJ Coppertune, born in 1994 in Vorchdorf which is an unremarkable little village near Wels (Austria), has been interessted in electronical music since his early childhood. His ultimate ambition was to motivate people with music in a way that lifts off from other DJ's. Finally he decided to etablish himself in the direction of electronic music.

As time passed he got more and more professional, won lots of new fans and thirdly also his equipment enhanced steadily and of course got more and more professional. The most important thing is nevertheless that Coppertune cultivates himself as a brand. He sets great value on merchandising beginning from an impressive corporate design that mirrors in an own Coppertune emblem, his fanpage on Facebook, a basic website, advertising banners and give aways for his fans.

After a long time of getting just small jobs in bars and private parties like most DJs start, his career gets a first breakthrough with a gig at the "Beatpatrol Festival" in 2013 and at the "Fullmoon Party", where Coppertune accomplished the second place at a DJ contest. So he got more and more public attention. At this point Coppertune began to change his Genres and focus on Tech House / Minimal / Techno and Deep House.

As putting on music has not been the supreme goal for him to achieve he started producing his own music in order to implement his ideas in breath-taking tracks and heighten the bass level powerfully.

At the age of 20, in 2014 he started a cooperation with DJ WA and got to know DJ Lobert, the founder of "Roovestar". In 2016 Coppertune and DJ WA made their first release at Fest003 records which was a remix of the song "Check Right" from "Junior Freak".

Nowadays Coppertune focuses on live sets instead of classic DJ mix sets, caused due to his cooperation with DJ WA and to force his image offwards the EDM scene.


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Beatpatrol // VAZ St. Pölten, Austria
Gatsby // Vorchdorf, OÖ
Wurmfestival // Neumarkt im Hausruckkreis, OÖ
Die Brauerei // Schärding, OÖ
Butan Club // Wuppertal, DE
Heaven-XMAS // Wasserschloss Aistersheim, OÖ
ELEMENTS Festival // Wasserschloss Aistersheim, OÖ


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